Recently got a tour of Jared Rusten’s furniture design studio for Betabrand’s new Raglan Woodies shirt. The physical connection between our Woodies shirts and Jared’s furniture is the sustainable wooden buttons that we use on our Woodies shirts and the fact that Jared uses wood to build his furniture. But more importantly both are created locally within San Francisco with fine craftsmanship tailored to what the customer wants. 

Jared is most well known for his California style coffee table’s but can create just about anything.  

You can view his beautiful work here… 

Las Vegas Strip- mid-day after a late night of debauchery. This place never changes.

Olivia let me crash at her spot in Chico while I was working on the I-5 project. Here’s a photo of her and her Behemoth like cat.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Tahoe. Took this one right off the main dock that runs along the 50. Tahoe has been as dry as the devil’s belly button, could be the global warming, can’t really put my finger on it. Thankfully my snow chants have brought some snow so hopefully the next set of photos got some of that angel dandruff in them.

PBDY did it again, 8th release on his collective label. 

This jam is smooth and the perfect tune for those slow mellow nights when you’re trying to get some late night work done, or serenade your lady friend in front of a cozy fireplace. And as we all know it, if you’re not working or serenading your lady, you’re not living. 

Seriously tho, this is some good shit, lend your ears HERE my friends. 

"Whatchu gonna do?"

I’ve been so dry lately. Everything has been dry. Even the mountains up north. But finally we got some rain and I happen to get a few rolls of film back. This being the first weekend that I’ve spent in San Francisco in about 7 weeks, it feels good to finally sit down and go over some film. 

Some writing to go along with the images soon.


Gustin customers, followers and fans-

Josh and I tend to be a little sentimental in our notes, and this one might end up there. I wanted to take a moment to talk about something we haven’t discussed too much. Hopefully it’ll give you a little more visibility into what we’re doing, and why we’re…

 I really admire business owners with full transparency in business operations. Josh and Stephen over at Gustin, have proven once again their ambition towards building a company based on quality products and customer satisfaction. 

If you have any interest in fashion or domestically produced products, specifically raw denim jeans, give their Store a visit.